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New Year Resolution for 2008: Swim faster, Run longer, maybe return to cycling.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Weekly Training Log

Daily Totals

Sun 21 Aug: 2000 m (S), 6 km (R) - Bishan Park

Mon 22 Aug: Rest

Tue 23 Aug: 2000 m (S), 6 km (R) - Bishan Park

Wed 24 Aug: 3000 m (S) - Trifam Intervals

Thu 25 Aug: Rest

Fri 26 Aug: Rest

Sat 27 Aug: 1000 m (S), 20 km (B), 4 km (R) - Thomson Thosai / Threadmill

HR Max = 178, Avg = 115

Max HR = 193, Avg HR = 155
Pace Max = 6.25min/km, Avg = 8.18min/km
Calories = 437 kcal

Weekly Totals:

Swim - 8000 m
Bike - 20 km
Run - 16 km

I just tried out the new Polar RS200sd heart rate monitor which not only monitors my heart rate (duh!) but it also records distance, time and speed for the run segments. I've included the records for Saturday's training session. Talking about that, the Thomson Thosai team met up with our new jerseys/tritops at 7am for a proposed 60km ride. Alas, Francis dropped the bike part coz his tires burst while he was pumping them. So it was left with Mythos, Kenneth, Elvia and myself. We did 2 loops of Old Upp Thomson then we tackled the Upp Peirce hills. I shot up but I had to quit at the end of the hill coz I felt abit dizzy. Thanks to Mythos who stayed with me. He said my face was quite pale. I was disappointed in myself coz I didn't have a good night's rest the night before. See? Proper sleep IS ESSENTIAL for a good workout. Lesson learnt.

Elvia and Kenneth continued to ride loops around Old Upp Thomson. Mythos and I walked. Along the way and up the slopes, Francis came running towards us! He was doing his secret LSD! haha.... We let him carry on.

When Mythos and I got on top of the hill at the gates of the reservoir, we decided to ride back to rendezvous at casuarina. We pedalled and we saw 2 familiar blokes pushing their bikes on flat ground. Kenneth burst his rear tire! The 4 of us stopped to replace the punctured tire. Then came Francis. It was a reunion! haha... Anyway we tried out the compressed gas canister to fill out the new tube and Kenneth was ready to ride.

We all rode back to my place and it was later decided that all of us fall out without the proposed 12km run. ergghh...

I did a slow 4km run on the threadmill and then swam a slow 1km in the pool to recover.

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