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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Personal Nonsense: I am Singapore

I Am Singapore
sung to We are Singapore

There was a time when people said
that Singapore won't do it,
but they did.

There was a time when money seems too hard
for us to make,
it still is.

We earn our money,
from blood and sweat.
Saving up together,
to get HDB flat.

Chorus 1:

This is my IR, I want to bet.
It is my future, it is my life.
No time for family, no need for friends.
I am Singapore, Singaporean.

Singapore my homeland, shall I call it home?
Are we all united? But everyone's not home!
They're working late as usual, escaping ERP
Singapore forever! Even water is not free!

(repeat chorus 1)


We the denizens of Singapore
pride ourselves as one united people
Regardless of race, language or foreign talent,
To build the Integrated Resort here
based on hunger, greed and politics
so as to apease my self-worth,
gain wealth and general survival.

Chorus 2:

I am Singapore, I am Singapore
I have served the nation, did the Kallang roar
I am Singapore, I am Singapore
We have casino and rising living costs...

(repeat chorus 1 & 2)


nic said...

my fren, dun be pessimistic... S'pore is a great place to be.... except for the weather.....

Free Agent said...

Singapore may be a "great place to be", but only for a certain length of time, and preferably if you were an expatriate. But hey, don't let anyone stop you if you want to move on from there.

And the weather should be the least of your worries.