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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Weekly Training Log

Daily Totals:
Sun 14 Aug: 800 m (S), 17 km (B), 5 km (R) - NUS Triathlon
Mon 15 Aug: 3000 m (S) - Trifam
Tue 16 Aug: 1500 m (S) - Self
Wed 17 Aug: 1200 m (S), 3 km (R) - Self
Thu 18 Aug: Rest
Fri 19 Aug: Rest
Sat 20 Aug: 1000 m (S), 30 km (B) - Thomson Thosai

Weekly Totals:
7500 m (S)
47 km(B)
8 km (R)

The inaugural Thomson Thosai ride materialised on 20 August. Kenneth, Francis and David 'Mythos' Tan joined me in riding loops around Old Upper Thomson Road. We veered off to tackle the hills at Upper Pierce. Nice ride. We adjourned to have a post-ride carboloading party at the Casuarina Road prata shop. Unfortunately they ran out of masala thosai. So we settled for prata instead - satu kosong, satu telor.

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Chandler said...

Cheng Mun, don't run so much only to waste the effort on Thomson Thosai!

Found your blog coz of the comment you left on XX's. Amazing. Yes Singapore is THAT small.

I have shifted my blog from Blogspot to WordPress coz I think WP looks a helluva lot more professional and neat.

I have linked you up in my new blog so do come by for a visit. It's almost done save for the pages on my navi bar, which I have not gotten down to writing yet. Link me up on your blog too!

Cheers :)