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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Environment spokesperson reveals reason behind lightning storm

Singapore last evening witnessed an intense lightning and thunder storm that was accompanied by very strong winds and rain. Lasting almost an hour, residents all over Singapore were mostly caught unawares by the sudden change in weather.

"It was so hot and humid in the afternoon, then suddenly at about 7:30pm, I saw many lightning flashes. It freaked me out." quipped Ms Soh Sua Koo, a housewife on her way home from NTUC to prepare dinner.

"My dog was terrified. For the first time, my pitbull terrier cowered in fear and hid behind the kitchen sink!" added pet owner Mr Espeecy Aye.

The reporter spoke to an environment expert, seeking answers to the weather phenomenon.

Ms Lai Ning Bot, 43, researcher at the Peh Eh Peh Institute, attributes it to increased energy due to more activity and interaction between neutrons and electrons. "We received news that new electrons have been introduced into the largely neutral atmosphere in recent days. Flashes of lightning is a result with resounding claps of thunder."

"The atmosphere will see more introductions of new electrons in the coming days, so be prepared for more lightning and thunder in the days to come." added her colleague, Mr Lau Tan Der.

The reporter went on to ask if such weather phenomenon is harmful to Singapore, and Ms Lai had this to say, "Don't worry. Singapore is safe. This kind of phenomenon happens once every 4 to 6 years. The last time Singapore experienced this was in 2006. If it rains hammers, then we should be worried. But that is unlikely to happen because our climate is quite stable."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Aspiring artist to feature 'iconic' art in heartlands

The Singapore Biennale 2011 is back in town and our local artists are taking the opportunity to showcase their works of art. One such aspiring artist is Pang Sai Chua, who will feature his installation art in the heartlands.

Mr Pang, 32, who claims his only education in art was in the now-defunct De la Salah Primary School says, " I learn about art by observing art around me and by trying to understand what is art all about." Like an expert in art forms, he continued, "I like installation art. There are many foreign artists who install art in our CBD. How and why they can do it and get paid for all these art is beyond me. I am homegrown just like Yeo Hiap Seng and Boon Tong Kee. But I want to be like Charles and Keith. I will install art for our Singapore people right here in the heartlands."

The reported asked about his installation, and Mr Pang was excited and confident. "You guys are funny. Go all out to cover the Merlion Hotel installation art. All that bugger did was to build 4 walls and a roof over the Merlion, and Singaporeans pay money just to stay with the Merlion! I mean, seriously I've been trying to understand the rationale behind this but I just cannot put my finger to it."

"I am going to build four walls and a roof around a porta-loo. Yes, a portable toilet. You want to know why and what this means?"

The reporter shook his head. Dumbfounded.

"Just as I thought; you are confused. Going to toilet is a very private thing in Singapore. The concept of the four walls around the porta-loo is an emphasis on privacy. It is also a reminder for all Singaporeans to be vigilant. Remember how Mas Selamat escaped?"

Mr Pang Sai Chua was starting to make sense.

"And I'm going to charge only twenty cents to enter my installation art. Why? Don't you pay ten cents to visit the public toilet anyway? Mine is a practical piece of art for all to enjoy!"

Mr Pang's porta-loo installation art will be showcased at Woodleigh MRT Station 'to help boost ridership there' from 1 April 2011 to 30 April 2011. He plans to seek MICA's approval to have his piece of art permanently displayed next to the Merlion statue 'after that temporary hotel is torn down'.