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Monday, December 06, 2004

It's the Great White Whale running the 10k! Posted by Hello

The Beginning of the Journey - StanChart Marathon

On this day, I ran the 10km segment of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. As it was my first race, I had the pre-race jitters. I drank lots of fluids, a somewhat sleepless night, and I was at the starting line-up by 5:30am even though my race starts at 7:00am.
Training was no more than 7km at a stretch, with most runs clocked at 4-5km.
The race was awesome. Held up a constant pace of about 8.7 kmph. Other race stats as follows:

Overall Time (Championchip Timing): 1 hr 09 min 15 sec
Bib Number: 13123
Overall Placing: 1843/4294
Gender Placing: 1360/2573
Country Placing: 1237/3019
Weight: 79 kg

The Kenyans who ran the full marathon (42km) were simply great and I must admit that they were an inspiration.