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Thursday, August 18, 2005

NUS Triathlon Results

I knew it was a slack effort on my part when I took part in this race.

My swim was alright but the swim route was just too tight to squeeze my way through the throngs of splashing arms and legs.
"800m" coz I think it was less than that, took me 11:04 min.

The bike leg. I was just plain stupid for not using my gears efficiently. I was also getting hungry on the bike leg. But at least the photo shows some justice - haha - looks as if I'm leading the pack of angmo riders! The 17km ride took me 46:40 min. Baaaad!

Running. My worst discipline. I was just winging the whole thing but I must admit I was enjoying every part of it. The 5km run/jog/walk took me 38:19 min. Terrible!

Total time taken for this NUS Triathlon: 1 hour 36 min 02 seconds for rank of 210/263. So malu. Now I need to hide my face...

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