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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Band of (Marist) Brothers

And so the bunch of us met last night at the Hotel Rendezvous' Straits Cafe for the buffet dinner spread and some white Chilean wine.

There was Edmond, Shawn, Zhiren, Eugene and myself. Nic couldn't make it as he had some prior engagements. Rick was still in Bangkok.

We were all talking about relationships and families and babies. Edmond and I were the only singles last night. But Ed was more focused on getting the best out of the buffet spread.

Bro, lucky I suggested Straits Cafe! You just kept eating and eating and eating like a binging Energizer Rabbit. But that's just so you. Haha.... Hope you enjoyed the smorgasbord of makan!

Zhiren's wife, Heather, is expecting their first child. 10 weeks pregnant. Way to go, Ah Gong!

Shawn's still the leading dude with a wife and 2 kids and his online gaming under his responsibility. How do you manage eh? No wonder got no time to go running with me! haha..

I seriously have no idea why Eugene suddenly blurted out that he is "A BIG COCK"! I just have this strange feeling it wasn't really meant for us. Maybe it was that one teeny glass of white Chilean chardonnay. Or maybe it was just the salmon sashimi and huge slab of wasabi. Whatever it is, Gene's intending to contest Shawn's brood count. We'll probably hear it from him if he's successful in his mission or not.

We always have a great time when we meet - the bunch of us - the Band of (Marist) Brothers.

We're hoping to meet for the Terry Fox Run on 18 September 2005. C'mon bros, it's only 7.5km. Let's do it for charity. Let's do it for cancer research okay?


Free Agent said...

Hey bro!

Glad to know you guys have been getting together to makan and catch up...send a big hello! from me to everyone next time.

Wish I could've been there. Really.

BeLiaL said...

Yop !!! I think eugene can catch up with me with regards to the brooding thingy ... I am stopping at 2 .. so i think anyone of you can catch up with me ... unless you intend to go into wierd relationships like loving GUYS ?

Chelonia Munnster said...

You stopping at 2? C'mon dude.... why u so listen to old gahmen? Our economy picking up liao! We're world-class! We're number 1! we're unique! we have baby bonus! c'mon, have more babies!