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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oil and Water Doesn't Mix

And so does Work and Play.

I work hard and I play hard.

At work, I try to focus to get things done to the best of my abilities. Depending on the situation, I will go all out to get things done. At play, at training, at races, at any other time out of work, I also do my best to achieve what I set out to do. I also try to please the people around me.

I hate it when my leisure time is taken away out of my own free will. I hate it when other people impose their standards on me.

I'm a non-conformist. I only choose to conform if I want to.

I'm not a clock-watcher. If I like to work because I've got something to do, then yes, I'll do it especially if ideas are flowing fresh in my head.

No one takes away my leisure time. If my own free time is compromised, I will look into the matter.

Mid-career crisis?

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