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New Year Resolution for 2008: Swim faster, Run longer, maybe return to cycling.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Late August - September is Race Season!

Shiok lah. So many races during this period.

14 NUS Triathlon (800m Swim, 17km Bike, 5km Run)
27/28 28-hour Charity Swimathon
28 New Balance Real Run (10 km Run on different terrains) - not taking part

3 New Balance Aquathlon (1.5km Swim, 10km Run)
11 Army Half Marathon (21km Run)
18 Terry Fox Run (7.5km Run) / Desaru Half Ironman
25 NIE Biathlon (500m Swim, 5km Run)

All the weekends will be tied up with races. Whoa..... maybe can take this opportunity to lose more weight! haha....

Cannot take part in all. Must prioritise.

Definitely doing the Charity Swimathon and Terry Fox Run. At least I know I'm doing this endurance thing for a greater cause.

Maybe do the sprint distances for the rest.

Scale down on the Army Half Marathon - Run 12km instead.

Forego Desaru Half Ironman this year.


moby sky said...

i think you should stick to the water events...knowing singapore's weather patterns, the other races will probably be delayed or cancelled by RAIN...muahaha. there. i jinxed it. sue me! hahaha.

no lah...kidding...have fun losing weight...i wish i could join you, but i don't have the committment. haha.

The Lonely Runner said...

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