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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Singaporean Things That Just Don't Make Sense - Part Six of Infinity

The family-friendly side of the gahmen is supposedly encouraging more family time with the children and more time for married couples to make love so they can have more kids.

Good initiative!

Then now got bloody ERP on the northbound CTE from 6pm to 8pm.

So how? It's more expensive to go home to have dinner with the family and have some play time with the kids. Can forget it lah. Leave that job to the maids.

Some suggest to take the local roads. But they are also jammed to the brim because every other kiam-siap Singaporean is taking those roads to go home. And because of the jam, they reach home late anyway. Sway.

I thought the very purpose of the CTE was to ease the jams on the local roads! Now, the gahmen prefers the CTE to be jam-free during peak periods because they want to spread the peak time and/or spread the jam (no pun intended) to other places. And some smart goondu has the audacity to say that the North-South Expressway will not be built if the ERP is successful in decreasing the number of cars on the CTE.

HELLO! Please count the overall number of cars using the OTHER local roads! The CTE can be empty for all I care and you don't built the NSE. So all we get are jam-packed Bangkok-style traffic on the local roads. BACK TO SQUARE ONE! Factor in your vehicle growth rate and you get worse figures.

I think NSE means No Such Expressway.

It justs doesn't make sense. As usual.

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