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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Endurox-less/Accelerade-less Race Report

My wave start was at 1400 hrs. I arrived to set up my barang barang at the transition area at 1215pm. I went to Sentosa via the new Queensway Extension. Not bad, but I digress.

There was some thunder and overcast skies - which got me elated but alittle bit worried. Elated because it wouldn't be a hot sunny day to race. Worried coz of the slippery hills for the bike ride. I was ready to chicken out if it became a downpour.

Alas it was only a slight pitter patter drizzle. Cheh.... And then the sun came out from the clouds. Erghh...

Again, waiting time was agonising. I looked at the swim leg and I thought it was definitely less than 400m per round. Anyway as usual, it was mass pandemonium for Wave 3. I had to put my strategy to use - swim on the outside and cut in at the turning point. My wave started and I did just that, but I think 50% of my fellow wave-mates had the same idea. Jialat. Anyway I completed the swim in 10 minutes plus! Hmmm... suspect that it was less than 800m swim total.

I ran into transition and I felt the sun beating on me. Helmet on, sunglass on and I grabbed my tri shoes and ran with the bike to transition. Wow.. I think this was the most shiong T1 I've ever done. It must be the long run into and out of transition and the scorching sun. At the mounting line, I put on my shoes and off I biked to do 6 loops of sentosa satellite. Its rather confusing on the number of rounds I did. What made it worst was that I was getting mixed reactions from the NUS volunteers. Some said 5 rounds, some said 6 rounds, one said dunno. Shit. So I had to rely on my odometer and I think I did the correct distance. (I "thought" because the idiot in me didn't reset the odometer when I started biking).

Back into T2 and I drank some water and slipped on my running shoes. First time I didn't use socks. And off I went. I definitely cut down quite abit of transition times. The sunglasses and visor was a welcome respite.

The run route was seriously lacking in water stations. I had to run off-course to the outdoor shower area to cool off. Shiok! I didn't get the bike-to-run cramps in this race but I was really slacking on the run. But I think my return leg was slightly faster.

Approaching the finishing line, I picked up pace and I arrived in an unofficial time of 1 hour 36 minutes. It's a good 5 minutes off my personal best though I think that there were some miscalcs in distance. Oh well....

Anyway I might as well mention some pet peeves. First, there wasn't enough water points. Second, the NUS volunteers were not knowlegeable at all (I'm sure they are happy to get that stupid CCA point though). Third, some marshalls were not doing their jobs properly, especially for the bike leg. Lastly, there was this NUS girl who was driving the NUS van.... NEXT TIME, USE COMMON SENSE AND DON'T STOP YOUR VAN AT THE U-TURN! Many of us had to use evasion action which shouldn't be the case.

Kudos to all who completed the race and tried their best. I admit I wasn't trying my best but I'm not going to come up with excuses for my tardiness. Glad I completed it despite my half-hearted willingness and lack of training for this particular one.

Another feather in my tri-cap.

And yes, this is the first time I did not use Endurox or Accelerade drink mix for the race. However I took a couple of Powergels since I did not have a proper lunch (wierd race timing lah).

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