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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Concept of Respect, Leadership, and Personal Time

Sunday 1630hrs and I received a call from one HK director (i dunno he's director of what also).

Him: CM, I'm here in Singapore already
CM: Okay
Him: I'll be at the architect's office for the workshop. You know how to do Powerpoint?
CM: Yes, but I'm not too good with the animation part. What do you need help with?
Him: Oh I just need to change some slides.
CM: Ok, I could help you tomorrow (Monday). Do you want me to collect the slides from you from the hotel tomorrow morning?
Him: No, I need it tonight.
CM: Sorry, I have family commitments tonight. I have Sunday dinner with the family.


I felt good. To be honest, it was the evil grin kind of good. I just didn't like the way he manages things and thinks he's lord over all the projects. I really do not mind working - please don't get me wrong - but when a thin line is drawn with regards to doing a favour and working, it can get out of hand. I'll contribute if you treat me like a fellow professional, not use me like 24/7 every-ready servant at your feet doing the most mundane of personal favours.

He's famous for being quite a faecal-stirrer up on the upper rungs of the ladder. Everyone is wary of him. Fine and praises to him who is a hardworker. But if one is unreasonable, then I'm sorry. Subordinates are not stupid people. The head office doesn't want to do certain stuff because they do not want to charge it to certain projects due to budget constraints. Okay. Then we shouldn't do it either. Our outpost is already losing out in revenue in the past year and yet we have to be subject to free labour? I think all this points to extremely poor management by certain individuals.

Respect is earned. Respect for your fellow team-mate is key to getting a project done. The abuse of power seldom gets anyone anywhere, especially true for a struggling setup here. Face it. It's struggling.

I would really appreciate some respect for the individual and respect for personal time despite us being a small outfit in this little red dot.


Anonymous said...

Munn, sometimes, that is part and parcel of work. How you react will have repurcussions (if I have spelt it right) on your career ahead. Just an advice from a good old friend. Please reconsider what your next action will be before you execute it. Don't let your anger or grudges control you. However, there IS a limit to how much unreasonable demands a person can take. Bottom line, I agree that respect have to be earned. Irregardless you are the manager, director, CEO etc. A successful manager or leader is one who earns the respect and is able to manipulate others to slog for you without any complains. That is the ultimate !!!

- From Good Old Pal (Shawn)

Chelonia Munnster said...

Hi Pal,
Perhaps I should explain myself clearly. It's really a long story. But to keep it short, this 'boss' isn't really my direct 'boss' per se. He has been using me as his boy-friday in many ways. I think it is still ok if it is within working hours. After all, he's higher-ranking. But he is fond of calling me at the weirdest times to do very mundane things for him - like keeping him company on an entire Saturday while I'm doing nothing except buy packet lunch for him. Look, I did not get a degree to serve him this way. To me, it is just bullshit. There are many more stories but it'll be too long to explain. It's just that I have to be firm in making a statement. Otherwise he's just taking things for granted and taking advantage of the entire situation. Another point to note is that he makes it very clear that I am not paid for all this 'extra' work for him hence I cannot charge to the particular projects that I inevitably am helping him for. Is this unreasonable or what?