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Sunday, August 14, 2005

NUS Triathlon Today

It is the NUS Triathlon at Sentosa today. My race starts at 1400hrs. I'm still slacking at home. Can you believe that? I'm actually slacking at home before the race! No pre-race jitters this time despite the fact that it is a sprint distance race and (I think) this is gonna be slightly tougher than the OSIM sprint because the bike leg is hilly. I even slept at 2am this morning after eating my dinner at 1230am! Yep, I was doing a photo shoot for ExxonMobil Dinner & Dance last night so I went against the pre-race unwritten rules of sleeping early and proper carbo-loading. Really slack right? I think the trifam guys will slam me... haha...

I've got 2 theories why I think I don't have the pre-race jitters.

1. This will be my third sprint tri since May. Perhaps I'm a lao-jiao in this thing already and so it's time to move up the challenge ladder - OD on the cards.

2. Perhaps I've got to thank the organisers from NUS. Maybe it's their slack attitude that doesn't make me look forward to this race. Maybe I'm just sian because of this anticipation that the race is just gonna be another chaotic mess - as usual from 'students' who are more concerned with CCA points than doing this for the passion of leadership and the sport in general. But this issue of 'selfish volunteerism' is another subject which I (might) blog about later. So perhaps I'm also adopting the same attitude - okay lah... pay registration liao, so just compete and complete lor. Take it as routine Sunday training.

It's 10am now. I should be there by about 12noon and not later than 1pm. I'm trying to work out a shit now so I can empty my bowels before going to Sentosa. For the uninitiated, shitting before a race is the best thing to do. NEVER do a tri race without shitting first. If possible, don't even shit at the race site. The toilets at the race site are worse than erm.... shitholes. Aiyah, nevermind, I better not think of the porta-loos at the race site - can vomit.

Did I train for this triathlon race? Work has been disrupting my training schedule these past 3 weeks so I admit I haven't put in the running and biking mileage. Nevertheless I can complete it. I'll try to beat my personal best of 1 hr 41 minutes though. I already have some race strategies in my mind having done the NUS Biathlon and the route is somewhat similar.

Stay tuned...

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