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New Year Resolution for 2008: Swim faster, Run longer, maybe return to cycling.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Mythos and I walked back up to the entrance gates of Upper Pierce Reservoir at Old Upper Thomson after the brief fainting spell. Both of us walked with our bikes and shoes in hand. We walked barefoot because the cleats of our cycling shoes would have made it difficult to walk on. As we walked that 1+ km route up the slopes, I realised that even at such ulu places in Singapore, I could walk barefoot without a second thought. No grime, no shards of glass, no rubbish, and fortunately no roadkill.

It was a great barefoot walk (a Nike Free moment sans the much hyped about barefoot technology shoes). I also realised that I didn't have to worry about washing my feet after or if I'd get some horrible flesh-eating disease.

The surrounding lush greenery made it all the more therapeutic and refreshing.

Nice clean roads, beautiful jungle.

We have a clean, green city. Indeed. This is something that I'm happy about Singapore.

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