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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It's one of those pitstops in my life's journey that I have to step on the brakes and do a thorough check on my well-being and sanity before I decide to carry on.

Oh, I definitely have to carry on on this journey ahead of me. I know it will be full of surprises, and some roads will be rough ahead. There will always be smooth highways as well. I know. Coz so far, it's been like this. It's gonna be an exciting ride no matter the outcome. Heck I'll also admit I'll clean out the 'car' and contribute to the highway litter of regrets and has-beens.

The pitstop is meant to re-evaluate how I should continue on this journey. What baggage should I bring with me? What needs to be changed/tuned/improved? What routes should I take? And where do I want to go? What is my final destination?

It is also meant to make sure that my integrity and soul remains intact. I might have to scruff off some little dinks here and there.

Am I all set?

Or am I not?

Major pitstop at the big Three-Oh......

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