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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hanging Up My Special Voting Pen

I bought a cheap Pilot pen so that I could use it to vote for MY President. My hopes to vote are now dashed. Apparently some big shots in the Presidential Selection Committee (or something like that) have made their final decision on who to give certificates of eligibility to.

Incumbent President Nathan will run for a second 6-year term because there is no contest. Sigh...

No, please don't get me wrong. I like President Nathan as he seems to be humble and soft-spoken. I'm also not saying that he's a good President. In my opinion, it's just that he's a much better candidate than the other wannabes. I want my president to be the best person for the job. I'll tell everyone straight that I would vote for President Nathan (it's no secret anymore since there's no election!). But in the name of democracy, why can't we citizens of Singapore get to vote? The facts are quite clear that the other hopefuls are no match at all. Mr Nathan is the best person. However, I still feel that the government should trust us in our choice.

We are already too spoon-fed but we still know what is best for us as a nation. Most of us are educated Singaporeans, you know?

How to be vibrant? How to be creative?

The fact is... I CAN'T! Because every damn thing is decided for me by my uncles and aunties !

It's so difficult to be democratic in Singapore. I think it only exists as a word - as part of the national pledge that all students mutter almost robot-like every morning in school.

I seriously doubt my chances of being able to vote IN Singapore FOR the people of Singapore.

I'll use that Pilot pen to sign my cheques.

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