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Monday, August 08, 2005

Reach Out for the Skies

This year's NDP song is Reach Out for the Skies.

I think it should be the theme song for Duxton Plain - that 50-storey HDB flats.

Also reminds me of what I studied in secondary school geography about our tropical jungle and how all the trees are all skinny and all competing for sunlight. That's why all of them "reach out for the skies". If they don't try to "reach out for the skies", they die on the forest ground. Some have it worse, while they're "reaching for the skies", they get strangled along the way by 'foreign parasites'. Some otherwise healthy trees get strangled by llana and figs and fungi. These parasites feed on the success of the healthy trees, freeloading nutrients and sunlight and eventually killing off their host.

Sounds very very familiar leh....

I also just realised that the song was written by local funnywoman Selena Tan.

She meant it as a joke, right?


see why said...

reminds me of sadako also. her hand always reaching outwards, upwards in an eerie zombie-ish manner. yikes. imagine a whole singapore filled with zombie pple reaching up juz coz the gahmen tell them to. but up there in the "skies"? nothing one.

Chelonia Munnster said...

tell me about zombies!

How about those poor kids from the Combined Schools Choir who have hypnotised sotong eyes and not even smiling during the joyous occasion? They look like robots trying to remember all the words and exact steps they have to make in order not to screw up.

It does take the joy out of performing doesn't it? Everything seems so conditioned and yes, zombie-like.

We're a nation of zombies.