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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Two World Records and All She Gets is... ...

... ... a small mention in the sports section of local news.

No fanfare, no frontpage headlines, not enough coverage. Theresa Goh rewrites her swimming world records (yet again) in the 50m and 200m breaststroke events.

World Records for goodness sake.

Our nation guns for medals at the Olympics; in fact the government spends so much just to make the Olympic dream come true. We give citizenships to foreign-born athletes in the hope of getting some honour and glory in the Olympics or even the Commonwealth or Asian Games.

We have a superstar in our midst. Theresa's a Singaporean. She's a role model for so many athletes. But where is the recognition? Where is Singaporean PRIDE when we need to show it?

Is it because she's disabled? Is it because of our selfish society that only acknowledges the accomplishments of the able-bodied such that 'world records achieved by disabled athletes' are no-big-deal?

Maybe it's how the media plays it.

But Theresa Goh ought to be honoured in every sense - disabled or not. When someone holds (or even rewrites) world records, she's someone ABLE.

Singapore needs to recognise her. Come on, Singapore...

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