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Friday, May 04, 2007

Another piece of useless news

A monkey causing disturbance in Pasir Ris?

You mean, a long-tailed macaque.

Other famous primates which get on the news once in a while are perhaps our very own Ah Meng the Orang Utan and Bubbles (Michael Jackson's celebrity pet chimp). But that's besides the point.

I just find the article totally ridiculous: A mother sees her son being chased by a macaque, and she calls the police.

Okay. Let's get things into perspective:

The macaque was probably minding his own business when some idiot of a child starts to make stupid sounds that irritates the macaque. Boy is the one who's disturbing the macaque, which was determined by the police that it was not behaving aggressively.

Macaque 1 : Human 0

Macaque gets offended because maybe one of those stupid sounds made by stupid boy resembled something in macaque language that insults its mother. No one insults macaque mothers, so macaque gives chase.

Macaque 1 : Human 1 (human scores a controversial goal here)

Frightened mother sees that her son is in danger of being eaten alive by tiny macaque who was minding his own business in the first place, and she calls the cops. This is another stupid move because she actually expects the cops to come immediately to scene of 'crime' and arrest the primate? Police should actually cite her for making unnecessary calls to the police! Mother was obviously disturbing the police!

Macaque 2 : Human 1

Winner at full-time: Macaque.

Point I'm driving at: EDUCATE YOUR KIDS ABOUT THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT! don't cry father cry mother and report to police, report to CNA that a 'monkey' is disturbing residents. Don't be so suaku... AND DON'T FEED THE MONKEYS!

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