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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Employees Relate to Message in National Smoking Campaign

Singapore. The recent National Smoking Campaign may have received some undesirable flak from the public, citing the posters as 'grotesque' and 'artificially horrendous'. Some (overly)concerned parents have complained that the ad would leave nightmarish images in the minds of children. And so the Health Promotion Board decides to pull out the videos during primetime viewing. Of course there are the proponents of the campaign - the scary images will educate children of the long term effects of smoking.

Employees from a local MNC however, are feeling a special sense of attachment to the message. "It's not so much the image of the ugly woman. We're adults already, so we're not scared of the image. What scares me is the message." said Mr Choh Sai Kang about the ad.

"The message is disturbing. I feel that it's telling me something about my job, even though I don't smoke." added Ms Sian Ji Puah. She clarified that she felt bored at her current job because of the long hours and unreasonable deadlines. "But the culture is good. My colleagues will stay back with me to complete the work. Then again, work is never finished here." Ms Sian said as she sighed and waned towards her desk.

Mr Choh added, "Honestly, I'm looking for another job. Somehow I don't feel appreciated here; I don't feel like I belong. There doesn't seem to the a reward at the end of a long day. Yet I also feel accountable to all my colleagues here. Somehow."

Mr Choh, Ms Sian and their colleagues were referring to the message ' Quitting is hard. Not quitting, is harder'

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