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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Application Forms

Refer to today's article on the fairness of certain questions in application forms.

'Not Fair Form To Ask These Questions?'

First of all, I don't get the headline. As usual - in a bid to shorten titles - the blurb gets off-topic or worse, it becomes gibberish.

In any case, the article questions the intentions of some ubiquitous questions in application forms. Apparently some take offence to questions such as gender, marital status, race, religion, and age. Actually I only find that many government agencies and small firms ask for these kinds of questions. I understand that most US firms have recognised that these questions may implicate certain levels of bias and have dutifully taken them off some time ago.

A bugbear that I find is for some companies that ask for detailed 'O' level results. But seriously, what is the use of asking for detailed 'O' level results when some have already gone way beyond that educational level and experience in life professionalism? Sometimes it seems so ridiculous to provide details that might represent a sliver of playfulness and not-so-good secondary school results. I mean, does having a few Cs in the 'O' levels mean anything, even after having worked for a few years? Companies should have the sense and maturity to understand the simple logic that some people are late bloomers. Having to report outdated results is rather useless and does not portray a person's true self.

In this aspect, the HR depts of some government agencies and 'world-class local universities' should review the application forms. If anything, these firms should take the lead for change!

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