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Monday, May 07, 2007

Invisible Children: Help Urgently Needed in Uganda

People are suffering!

I didn't make any concerted effort in wanting to read up about Africa, but I've been brought to this point where enough is enough. The books I've read so far are pointing to the fact that people are suffering there!

Look at the map and see where Rwanda is? (look between Congo and Kenya). Genocide there in 1994.

Then shift your eyes to the left side of the map. Look just above the South Atlantic Ocean and you'll find a small Sierra Leone sandwiched between Guinea and Liberia. Civil conflict there; 1999.

Remember what they said in Rwanda? They said 'NEVER AGAIN'.

okay, move your eyes back to where Rwanda is. Look above it, you'll find Uganda and Sudan. Genocide there. Now.

Yes, it's happening there now.

We need to do something.

please check out,, and

I can't make it to Uganda or Sudan to help. I don't know how to.

But I know I can support the cause by getting the bracelets.

Are you getting one too? Let me know if you're interested.

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