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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lure of the National Library

Stuck here at the National Library,
just like Tiong and I were stuck at the Stamford Road one
on the last day of its existence.

This time, it's because of the rain.
It's heavy and I'm not going to risk
getting back wet and cold into the office.

It's so quiet;
almost surreal.
Very conducive,
ideally setting the tone for creativity.

I like it here;
I get things done.
Priorities are set;
targets are met.

No one pushes work;
no room for a lost train of thought.

Stuck this time because of the rain.
Stuck last time because we staged a silent protest
on the demise of the Stamford Library.

The lure of the National Library;
so many reasons to stay within its doors.

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