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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Frog Race: Change of Venue, Change of Training Plans

Okay I just received an email regarding the Frog Race.

Apparently, since it's the first time in Singapore that such a race format is used (Run, Swim, Run), the organisers decided to change venue to NTU instead of the original East Coast Park. The reason cited is that some participants have expressed concerns over cramping during the swim leg, especially after running. Well, I've got the concerns too and I'm glad the organisers have taken note.

But the infamous NTU hills would probably be cause for more cramps as compared to the very flat East Coast Park course! At least the NTU swimming pool would be a better place to contain the swimmers!

Anyway, this means I've got a few days to train on some hills. I've been running alot on flat ground lately - most recently doing a 7.5km around the office area.

So.... this Thursday, I'll attempt Sheares Bridge and up my distance as well.


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