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Monday, July 16, 2007

Finally Proven: Life is easier for JC Students

I've encountered so many JC students who've lamented that their 'A' levels are much tougher than last time. They cite that the 'syllabus has changed', and I always counter-argued that syllabus would not change or deviate much. I mean, the Laws of Motion have stood the test of time, remaining where it has always been without external forces of political influence causing drastic reactions. Minute traces of hydrogen gas still gives a 'pop' sound when exposed to a lighted flame from a splinter, and Pythagora's has never gone more crooked than a right-angled triangle. Perhaps the only change the world has witness in 'traditional' science is the dismissal of Pluto as 'one of the planets of the Solar System'.

Besides the demotion of Pluto, what else has changed?


In fact, the advent of the internet age and IT facilities have made life easier for everyone, including students. Gone is the dire need to rush to the library to reserve reference material and to do manual searches on the most trivial of subjects. Yes, we HAD to conduct a full-scale search and rescue operation if we needed to find out alittle bit more about Pluto, whereas now you just have to Google the word in and you'll get a plethora of articles and websites about the planet and the Mickey Mouse's pet dog.

Life is much simpler, isn't it?

And now FINALLY, someone up there from UK has made the revelation that the A Levels are simply much easier!

So go study, boys and girls... and stop whining that Life is tough.

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