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Monday, July 02, 2007

Great first time outing at the Singapore Masters 2007

The Yellowwfish Swim Team!

Our 4 x 50m IM Relay team emerged Champs in our age group while the 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay team fell short of just 1.0 seconds from 3rd placing. Our relay team comprise of Jonathon, Devin, myself, Fergus, and Edward.

I managed to shave 10 seconds off my pre-timed 1500m Freestyle to get 31min 50seconds. I reckon I could have done better considering that the 4 x 50m freestyle relay was just before the 1500m event. I also know what I'm lacking - plunge entry, flip turns. With a little more effort, I should better my results this late August when the International Masters comes to town!

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Anonymous said...

some mermaids amoung the yellowwfishes, & i'm refering to the 1st pic.