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Monday, July 16, 2007

Something has to be done on Coastal Road

You know, I hate to talk about punishment by death for people who are just plain assholes. A guy drives at 160kmph along Coastal Road, swerves to avoid an oncoming vehicle, and then crashes. Reckless driver dies, and leaves the driver of the delivery truck injured. It's a lucky thing that the truck driver broke a few bones. What if he also died, or if he was very seriously injured?

In any case, the speed demon is dead. He paid the ultimate price for the following offences:

  1. Reckless speeding;

  2. Inconsiderate and selfish road user;

  3. Injuring / Hurting a fellow road user;

  4. Causing fear to other road users (including cyclists and pedestrians);

  5. Wrongful impersonation of a Boeing 747 taking off from the parallel runway.

Okay, bad joke on the last item.

But seriously, you think he deserves to die? Like I said, I hate to judge others and mete out punishment. Then again, I'm really sick of speed demons like him. They 'zhng' their cars and think they are F1 drivers. They think they are so damn cool to drive way beyond the speed limit. They think they can beat the law, and beat the next 'racing' car. They think they can cheat death.

Well, he's dead.

The authorities ought to do something. Yeah, let's start with the Changi Coastal Road. Speed traps? Sure.... install speed detection cameras and ENFORCE the speed limits there. Changi Coastal Road has always been the hotbed for speeding-related accidents. Not only do these hyped-up cars race against each other, but even delivery trucks from the surrounding logistics park there.

Incidentally, the Coastal Road is also a favourite cycling route for bike training.

I urge the authorities to seriously look into this and DO SOMETHING! If spending public money is an issue for a national effort to reduce speed, then start with something small - like what some highways in India are doing:

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