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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Accidental Engineering Week

We used to have Engineering Week back at Purdue and if I remember correctly, it was always held witin the first few weeks of the new school year - some time in September. I may be wrong though, coz Purdue has got so many events in its calendar - Bug Fest, Grand Prix Weekend, Orientation Week, Homecoming, etc.

Anyway, this week 30 July to 5 August is somewhat an Engineering Week for me. A purely coincidental; rather accidental one.

Check out my activities for this week:

Tuesday 31 July, evening: Purdue Alumni dinner; mentoring and meet up with 4 Purdue engineering students who are on a short course in Singapore. I'm supposed to mentor them on engineering and stuff...

Wednesday 1 August, mid day: Catholic Junior College Careers Day. In my 4th year returning as a speaker about what else? Engineering of course!

Friday 3 August, evening: Institution of Engineers (Singapore) dinner; Distinguished Lecture by Philip Yeo

Weekend 4,5 August: Supposed to bring the 4 mentees out for a 'chat'.

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