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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pride Defined

I'll touch on the National Stadium and its closing moments again. Yeah, I've been pondering over the serious lack of organisation and creativity on the part of the Singapore Sports Council and/or MCYS.

Overall it was a great disappointment to all the die-hard fans who came (and paid) to bid farewell to the Grand Old Dame.

I only witnessed (IMHO) a sense of pride and belonging in a few situations:
  • Each time The Lions attacked the Socceroos - it was as if our strikers wanted so bad to be 'The One Who Scored The Final Goal at The National Stadium'. The crowds were wowed by the heroic attempts, except for the handful of blind and shameless idol-worshippers of EPL soccer stars. (yes, I'll say it one more time "GO HOME AND GLUE YOUR EYES ON ESPN STAR SPORTS! STARHUB WANTS YOUR MONEY!")
  • The lady who sang the Aussie national anthem. She was all decked in Gold and Green - Aussie colors. She really belted out her anthem!
  • Top honours go to our very own Tan Howe Liang, so far the only Singaporean Olympic medallist. I take my hat off to him. He was the flag bearer that night. At 74 years young, he held our Singapore flag up high with his one hand outstretched and walking the full 400m of the track! He held it up tirelessly with one hand and led the Team Singapore troop around the stadium. Dig that, everyone!

But the organisation and the emcees just spoilt the night for everyone else! Yes, I'm still harping on it! Gosh, I'm even embarrased that we are a nation of creative people? What bollocks!

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Kewl Nitrox said...

Hey there Munnster, stumbled upon your blog while comtemplating cycling to work to increase bike mileage, and go green(er) in Singapore. Been catching up on your old posts and must say that you are an engaging writer.

Shame about the fiasco at the National Stadium. I don't have much emotional ties to the place myself, but judging by your report (and that of the media), a better job could have been done.