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Monday, August 06, 2007

Primer: Non-Elite Age Grouper Strategy for Frog Race

Everyone, including myself, are aware that cramps are likely to occur when we swim after a hard and hilly run.

That is to be expected for this Saturday's Frog Race, especially since the organisers changed the venue to the much-dreaded NTU hills.

A strategy has to be in place. Note: This is not for those who are going for their PB or who are elite. This is only for those who want to enjoy the race without much suffering (I hope).

Here's my plan:

Do an easy 5km run at average 8.5kmph speed. I know it's slow, but I said 'easy'. Slow down to a deliberate walk (almost forward lunging) in the final 200m to stretch the calves and ankles.

Swim 1.5km in normal speed. Aim to do a 30-32min timing. Glide as much as possible. Kick only for balance. Propel with turning torso and arms.

Remaining 5km tempo run; easy peasy; pick up the pace in the last 1km to complete.

Aim for a total time of 1hour 45min. I think can lah.... it's for the kids at SAC anyway.

PS: I just recieved an email from organisers that my wave start is at @#$!% 11:30am! That will be HOT!! (Gotta have reason for the new shades)

PPS: I just sent an email to organisers to change my wave timing coz I have to be back at work by 1pm! I'm hoping they can accede to my request.

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