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Friday, August 24, 2007

Preview of Army Half Marathon / Marina Bay Run 2007

The mood is set for this Sunday 26 August. I'll be finally taking on the Army Half Marathon after missing out on last year's due to injury.

I've actually not done the AHM before; not the 21km segment. I did the 12km one 2 years ago with Chad from the US Marines, but a bad tummy forced me to walk most of the way.

My last half marathon was in KL in March 2006. Timing was 2 hrs 33min if I recall correctly.

This year, there were some twice-weekly training runs with my colleagues at Maunsell. It's heartening to see so many colleagues getting sucked into the healthy lifestyle campaign. Work gets tensed and immense, but it's great that they manage to find time to unwind by going for short runs around the office. The motivation level even went up a few notches when we adopted the 'go further' attitude; literally running that extra mile or so and conquering the Singapore River portion by portion up to Robertson Quay. Within a span of 4 weeks, newbies to running were doing distances up to an easy-pace 10km from the initial huffing and puffing 3km.

Progress has been awesome.

This year, I'll try to at least maintain my timing. I just hope that the sheer crowd will not be a hindrance to covering the distance.

Otherwise, I'm ready!

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