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Friday, March 30, 2007

Up next: Mizuno 10km Mount Faber Run

Just signed up for the 10km hilly run. It's a great change from the usual flats. The last 'hilly' run I did was last year's Bintan Triathlon.

The Mt Faber Run's gonna be on Sunday 22 April.

I'll be training behind the golf courses at SICC and maybe Sentosa Satellite route since there are some challenging gradual but undulating hills there. Another alternative is the road up Upper Pierce Reservoir but there are just too many macaques there (thanks to inconsiderate suaku bastards who feed them with bread, peanuts and twisties).

Anyway I came across these useful articles on hill running:

Running Hills Can Be Key To Improving Your Performance

Hill Running With An Attitude!

Speedwork for Distance Runners

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