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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ohio Might Wanna Take Up What Singapore Didn't Want in 2002

I just read in today's Yahoo! News that the state of Ohio wants special car plates for sex offenders. State officials are proposing that sex offenders be issued with flourescent green licence plates for easy identification, following in similar fashion to what other states are doing to their drivers convicted of drunk driving (pink, yellow, or red plates).

I recalled in 2002 - and fortunately found the article over the glorious internet - that Singapore decided to ban certain letter combinations for its 3-letter licence plates. Private cars in Singapore currently use the SG series. I think the latest ones are SGS or something. Back in 2002, it was using the SD series and many were anticipating the probable use of the SE series. having mentioned this, I guess most of us by now should know which combinations faced the axe - SEX and SIN.

Maybe Ohio could use them instead. It'll be more straightforward instead of some fancy schmancy floursecent 'ohbiang' green plate!

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