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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Almost NUS Biathlon

I wanted to take part in the NUS Biathlon today - I thought it would be a great comeback to the multisport scene since my accident. After all, the NUS Biathlon was my benchmark 2 years ago when I started attempting the sport (apart from the 2004 edition of the Standard Chartered Marathon when I tried the 10km 'fun' run).

Alas the sporting club (or whatever the name of the organising club is) from NUS didn't allow me to register for the race. You see, the club sent an email to past participants of the NUS Biathlons and Triathlons stating that the deadline for registration was on the 23rd of Feb 2007. When I finally decided to sign up on the 23rd of Feb, the website stated that the registration was already extended and closed on the 21st of Feb instead! i called the phone number of the contact person on the website, and a girl student said someone made a mistake.

Made a mistake!

At least the organising committee should have sent an email out telling us of the mistake in dates instead of shutting us out of the race!

In any case, I kind of half-expected this from the NUS committee. There are bound to be mistakes like these. What's new from them?

Okay, so I didn't take part in this. I'll try again next year. :)

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