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Friday, March 09, 2007

Singapore Biathlon 2007

Yeah baby! I'm coming back with a vengeance and I'm gonna do this race after skipping last year's edition.

This'll be my first 1.5k swim/10km run race since last July's accident.

Training-wise, I've been trying to pile up the mileage to get myself in tune with the rigours of the race. That's why I have been doing the Sentosa brick trainings and I invite anyone to join me in a fun and almost relaxed pace. This weekend will be nice and leisurely 2-loop swim in the Tanjong Beach lagoon, and then a relaxed 7km run up and down the southern coast of Sentosa.

It's not all about putting on the mileage but also letting my body understand itself through proper hydration and nutrition. So come raceday, I should be prepared......

Singapore Biathlon - 1.5km swim, 10km run
I'll be in Wave 5 (I think - better double check).

2 years ago, I completed it in 2 hours.

This year, I hope the conditions will be better and I'll better my timing. :)

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