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Friday, March 16, 2007

You mean I've been consuming Goji all this while?

No kidding! Believe it or not, the Tibetan Goji berry is the same as the Wolfberry! Yah, if you don't know what a wolfberry (shame on you), it's the little red seeds your grandmother puts in your chicken soup. It's a herbal ingredient used very often in chinese cooking and it's dirt cheap. In cantonese, it's called 'kae-tzee'. I found this out when I saw this wiki entry on the Wolfberry.

If you bother to read that wiki article, it goes on to say that the marketing of the 'goodness' of wolfberry is under scrutiny in Europe as well as in Canada and US. In fact, the EU has given till next Friday 23 March 20007 for food businesses to back up their wolfberry (or goji) claims.

I quote the following from the wiki entry:
"In January 2007, marketing statements for a goji juice product were subject of an investigative report by CBC Television's consumer advocacy program Marketplace[52]. During interviews with the product spokesperson, Earl Mindell, critical questions were raised about the validity of numerous unverified health claims made by the product's manufacturer, FreeLife International LLC, as stated in Mindell's booklet on wolfberries (Bibliography below). None of more than 20 health claims asserted by FreeLife and Mindell has scientific, peer-reviewed proof of validity"

In other words, don't believe all these claims from Mindell et al. Don't waste your money.

Just be obedient boys and girls and drink up your grandmother's chicken soup. Yum yum....

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CJ said...

Hmmm... a surprise! It's been a while since yr last post eh.
All the best for your 'comeback' biathlon!