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Thursday, March 15, 2007

First it was Noni, now it's Goji

I was just looking at yahoo top searches and there are - as usual - the names of celebrities such as Britney Spears and Brad Pitt, or daily top stories. Today, GOJI JUICE happens to be one of the top searches.

What in the world is Goji Juice? Check this out: Some Goji ad

I vaguely remember the hype about Noni Juice. A bottle of it costs quite abit. I can't remember the 'goodness' of Noni though. But did you know that the Noni tree can be found in many tropical countries such as Singapore and Malaysia? Yeah, the tree in your backyard could earn you hundreds of dollars if you juice the fruit. The only thing is that leave-cutting ants also like the noni tree. I figure they have some sort of symbiotic relationship.

I digress. I just think this Goji and Noni thing is just a wise-crack con job. Yeah yah, some doctor (of dunno what) discovered the secret of longevity, the elixir of youth in noni, and then now Goji. This quack is probably so filthy rich now and reeling in swimming pools of gold.

I mean, look at the ad again..... Magic shock? A certain Li Qingyuan lived to 252 years old (died in 1930). His longevity is supposedly due to drinking Goji juice and his philosophy of 'sit like a turtle, walk like a pigeon, and sleep like a dog'. To me, it's called 'living a carefree, lazy, and bo-chup lifestyle'.

Here's another article from a 'friendly skeptic' of this functional juice fad.

I'm now having thoughts of marketing my own functional wonder juice. I'll blend all the goodness of carrots, spinach, celery, madagascan hissing cockroaches, and unsold hotdogs into a power drink. It's an elixir to being forever young (subject to different individuals who may be allergic to the damn drink or have slower results, etc)

Anyone wants my 100ml drink for $25.00 a bottle?

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