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Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Footwear

Yeah, I know I'm supposed to conquer some hills during the weekend but I ended up doing other forms of exercise:

On Saturday, I was supposed to run around the Sentosa satellite loop. Instead I went for a swim and I decided to use my fins for training. It was only during fin-swimming that I realised it was a very good substitute for hill training. Here's why: it works the calves and ankles too, and it's low impact. How do I know it works the calves and ankles? Coz they're pretty sore after the swim. I reckon this is a good alternative without damage to the joints. Any scientific/medical/sport physiology proof to this type of training being an alternative to hill training - as in it works the right muscle groups, muscle memory, etc?

On Sunday, I wanted to tackle the hills behind my place but lazy me decided to rest for the soccer game instead. And so at 2pm, I put on my new Topper soccer boots (ONLY $42 from Queensway!) and played my first soccer game in 5 years. Post-mortem: Sprints-Jog-Stop-Turns on the soccer field is VERY different from steady and continuous 10km run. Also, I was wearing heavy hockey shin guards which -I must say - are kinda kiasu on the soccer pitch. But no choice lah, those were the only types of shin guards I could find at home. Believe it or not, the sprints and 'ankle weights' actually worked my legs too. This time I know it works my legs coz my legs actually got weak when I took off shin guards and boots (I think they weighed a ballpark figure of 1 metric tonne or something). And so here's another alternative to hill training - wearing ankle weights and doing sprint spurts.

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