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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Movie Review: Freedom Writers

Simply put: This is a great movie to watch!

If you're looking for thriller, comedy, or action, then forget it. This movie is about inspiration and knowing what's right and what's wrong. The teenagers have seen it all in their 'hood - driveby shootings, racial discrimination, gangs, drugs, etc. Set in post-Rodney King racial riots in Los Angeles, I'm pretty sure that everyone employed the 'every body to himself' rule. Every ethnic group stood by each other, watching every single move of other groups.

I guess teacher Erin Gruwell might have come at the wrong time to a class full of racial tension. Then again, the teenagers must have been fully aware of the tensed circumstances fresh after the riots. Deep inside, they knew the senseless gangster life shouldn't go on although in reality they were just happy to be alive for another day. Deep inside, each teenager yearned for freedom in urban America. Yet the city was evolving towards social change after realising the evils of racial tension. Perhaps that was why it made it slightly easier for mutual acceptance between Ms Gruwell, her charges, and the rest of the city.

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