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Monday, April 30, 2007

Wesley Grows Up

Here's my cousin Wesley. He's in California and he's just got his driver's licence. Woohoo! Now he can drive us around when we visit. Yeah, getting the ID is a rite of passage - a symbolic gesture that indicates adulthood; a legal acceptance by public law and order, given the authority and the responsibility to paint the town red.
I recall 12 years ago in January 1995. I passed my driving test on the first attempt, having diligently take driving classes in the night at Bukit Batok Driving Center (BBDC). I had no choice because I was still serving NS, and BBDC was near Kranji Camp. I was alittle bit nervous in taking my test because it was held during the daytime. And daytime traffic was very different from night traffic - there were lots more container truck traffic during the day in the Bukit Batok area. Come test day, it was raining cats and dogs the entire day and I took my test. No choice.
I passed! I think I got 6 points or something.
That night, I took my family out for a spin. There was Auntie Chinchin, Wesley and Mckenzi too coz they were here for a visit! It was still raining cats and dogs. Damn stressed! haha.... memories.....

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