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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Will it bridge the income gap or make it wider?

I'm just wondering aloud if the salary revision by the government (coming soon: 7 April 2007) will bridge the income gap or make it even wider than it is right now.

Seems to me that the focus is leaning towards having pay rise for civil servants, ministers, and top admin officers. Already the media is reporting the obscene salaries of our ministers and admin officers. No doubt some are the cream of the crop, and maybe some have 'talent'. But are all of them worthy of astronomical salaries? Sure they are compared to the top earners in other industries but perhaps I'm just naive because I don't really understand the rationale behind all the media hype. (In other words, I probably need to be very convinced).

I'm an ordinary citizen proud to have served the nation and ready to defend it without second thoughts. But where do I and my fellow Singaporeans stand along the l-o-n-g salary scale? It's a bottomless pit.

What disturbs me is the emphasis on paying top dollar to retain such 'talent'.

What about the backstage helpers? The dragon-boat rowers? The very backbone of the economy?

Do these 'top talent' always come up with great ideas? Do they run organisations or manage huge corporations? Or are they just good in managing bureaucracy?

It's rather sad to hear such media and all the justifications behind paying top dollar. The rest of the workforce needs to be considered too - they've worked really hard and supported the nation to where it is now.

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