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Monday, April 30, 2007

Oxymoronic Newsworthy News from Channelnewsasia

$1,000 Found Missing From Clementi Drinks Stall

'Found Missing'. How oxymoronic.

Then you read the article and you wonder: How newsworthy is that?

Then you see that there were 2 journalists who covered the story, and you slap your forehead exclaiming, "Wah! They got nothing else better to write is it?"

CNA - and other local news agencies - need to sieve out the newsworthy from the absolutely-no-impact stories. Please, I beg of them.

Otherwise we'll see such headlines in the future:

"3 juvenile mosquito larvae found in flower pot"

"Misplaced spectacles found in refridgerator"

"Schoolboy takes wrong set of textbooks to class"

"Grandmother takes cab to wrong destination"

Might as well have such news in

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