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Monday, April 10, 2006

Wardrobe Environment Investigator Uncovers 'Lost' Civilisation of Clothes

Land of Cluttered Mayhem – A world-renowned Wardrobe Environment Investigator has recently discovered a lost city within the confines of the infamous Land of Cluttered Mayhem.

For centuries, the Land of Cluttered Mayhem has built upon itself as a unique urban jungle of sorts, comprising piles of used and new clothes, boxes and bags of knick-knacks and other sentimental ware, tons of photographic experimentation, and even hardcopies of old college project files.

The team leader of the expedition, who is also the Wardrobe Environment Investigator from the Ministry of Urban Nonchalant Nonsense, claims that the discovery could mean a whole new species of previously unclassified clutter. For the time being, it is temporarily referred to as ‘organized mess’.
“Classifying the entire stockpile of such unique organisms could take ages! We have to act fast before they (the organisms) start to reorganize themselves into another level of new subspecies. When that happens, a part of our science will be lost forever”, said the leader, who wishes to remain anonymous at this point in time.

When asked by reporters how the taxonomy of such delicate ecosystems should proceed, the Wardrobe Environment Investigator replied, “We will try our utmost best in maintaining a harmonious balance between man and environment. If we need to sieve out worn clothes and tattered old receipts, then so be it. But it will be on a case-by-case basis if there is any ambiguity. Species that are deemed useless to the ecosystem will be sent over to more deserving civilizations. I will reiterate that this will not be a simple task, but I’m very confident that the mystery will unfold itself in due time because of the natural scheme of things. Having said that, isn’t this my job to address the issue and to organize it?”
Meanwhile, news agencies understand that the Minister for Urban Nonchalant Nonsense could not be reached for comment as he is busy with uncovering other issues in the Land of Cluttered Mayhem.

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