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Monday, April 24, 2006

Ass de Pee Clown does it again!

He never fails to entertain me, this Ass de Pee clown.

We all know that the General Elections are coming and that there would be opposition who would be contesting the ruling PAP party and wrestling them off their comfortable electoral seats.

I must say that the PAP is doing pretty well in waving all kinds of carrots in full view of the public. There are orange ones, white ones, long ones, short ones, carrot cake, chaitoukway, upgraded carrots (from beansprout to carrot), packaged carrots that progressively grow, extra carrots for military men, soft chewable carrots for your grandparents, etc. It is such a Bugs Bunny society! Oops, but I digress... Some other opposition parties are waving 'counter-carrots', proclaiming that 'our carrots are better than yours' kind of 'vote marketing'. I think it is all in the name of basic salesmanship to proclaim who has the best carrot for the voters. Whoever does a better marketing strategy will win, and this is the case of politics around the world. While real salesmen want your moola, the politicians want your votes. Whether the carrot is edible or not remains to be seen. During campaigning, just make sure the carrots are nicely polished without blame and blemish.

But this Ass de Pee clown, who keeps getting into trouble - Is he the court jester or what? I mean, what is the use of nitpicking and proclaiming that PAP's carrots are bad, when Ass de Pee cannot counter their statement with a 'better' carrot?

No use saying, "Oi! Your carrot is bad!" So? Tell us you have a better carrot lah! Or else just shut up or seriously join Barnum & Bailey's or Cirque du Soleil lah.

I maintain that sometimes we are treated like stupid Singaporeans. However, if there should be any opposition that wants to take on the ruling PAP party, then the opposition had better be credible. To make us look even more stupid is an insult. We seriously don't need this kind of opposition.

Show us what carrot you can give the people!

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