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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Grim Fact: I'm a Stupid Singaporean and So Are You!

Reporters can churn out the best stories and public agencies can cook up the best excuses.

But why can't they be straightforward about the damn thing and tell it straight to Singaporeans in the face?

The case in question is with regards to today's news that any public transport fare increases will only be effected in October instead of July. Then there's alot of blah blah blah reasons to justify the delay.

Okay, why can't they just admit that the LTA is incompetent? Either that, or just tell us - public transport users - that the General Election is coming and this would be a potential vote-losing measure?

So I'm stupid (and so are you) to believe all this crap. I'll just sit and wait for the approval of the fare hike 'to ensure that commuters' interests are safeguarded'. In this case, I better set aside my Progress Package carrot to tide this through. Hey, it pays to be prudent.

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