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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Showerhead Burgler on the Loose

I have absolutely no idea why some showerheads in the male changing room of the Bugis California Fitness gym are missing. Either some cleptomaniac has a knack for stealing showerheads or is fooling around with showerheads anyway. There are many weird people at the gym.

Well, I've heard of people stealing steel drain gratings in exchange for money (steel prices shot up some time ago). But showerheads?

I doubt that the showerheads were removed for maintenance either. I think showerheads are one of the world's least maintained household items (it's self-cleaning isn't it?).

So will someone enlighten me regarding the mystery of the missing showerheads at California Fitness? Because I do treasure the shiok shiok shower after a great spinning class, and a showerhead-less gush of water is not what I paid for in a club membership... and definitely irksome!

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