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Monday, April 17, 2006

Be Still or The Birds Will Fly Away

For all his artistic talents, patience in getting details right, and his undying love for nature, Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve is going to launch Dad’s stone painting exhibition this Saturday 22 April 2006 as part of the Earth Day celebrations.

The theme of his art exhibition is “Be Still or The Birds Will Fly Away”.

For the past few months, Dad has been challenging himself to paint on new medium. Previously he painted on different types of paper. As with his penchant for experimenting – and therefore expanding – in his hobby of painting, Dad took it upon himself to try painting on pebbles after a trip to New Zealand with Mom. What began as just a trial quickly turned into frantic searching for the right type of smooth pebbles in gardens as well as at shops that dealt with landscape architecture. Dad would handpick pebbles that gave enough flatness and a ‘large enough’ canvas for him to paint on. He would then spend his free time on his paintings in our humble kitchen.

His subjects were inspired by the flora and fauna of Sungei Buloh, which include the common and the rare sightings of permanent denizens and the occasional migrant visitor to the Reserve.

His hard work did not stop at painting on stones. He also devised ways and means to display his works, such as finding the strongest method of gluing stone to wood or plastic. He also managed the framing part and composed each caption that came with every stone painting. To say that he put his heart and soul to his masterpieces is an understatement.

Honestly, I feel a sense of pride for my Dad who has proven to me time and again that we can achieve something from sheer passion for a hobby. If I could put my finger to the meaning of Work Hard, Play Hard, I would credit it to my father who has shown me what it means by enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

(Having said that, I still need some ‘fine-tuning’ to lead a balanced lifestyle)

Sungei Buloh may be far-flung for most people, but I’m sure the exhibition, coupled with the natural beauty of the Reserve will leave one very educated of our surroundings. It will surely be a memorable visit. Haha.. just look at my Dad – all it took was one visit to Sungei Buloh and he’s totally hooked!
Dad's exhibition will be launched this Saturday 22 April 2006 Saturday at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (have I mentioned this already?).

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moby sky said...

cool...i'll be there. cheers. =)