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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My First Ethical Decision

Back in primary school days, didn't we all have to let our parents sign on our exercise books, spelling tests, and report books? Didn't most of us fear the wrath of our parents wielding canes (and other weapons of mass dermatological and psychological destruction) whenever we scored anything less than 80% in our tests? Didn't at least some of us have that scheming plan to forge our parents' signatures so as to escape facing the music at home and get back to school in one piece?

I remember.

I also remember that those were the times when I was put to the test in my ethical upbringing. I knew that forgery was a bad, bad thing. I was aware of the consequences of forgery. In primary school, I'm quite sure that - for most of us - this situation would have been one of the first tests of one's morals and ethics.

Most of us learn through adulthood of the seriousness of such dubious actions, and the criminal consequences that usually follow.

Unfortunately, some don't. And one day, they will face the music.

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