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New Year Resolution for 2008: Swim faster, Run longer, maybe return to cycling.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Me-Knee Update v1.0

So Dr Low says I should stave off running for at least a week, but I can swim and do some light spinning/biking.

I went for a double spinning class yesterday at the gym (that's how I discovered the missing showerheads). I didn't really follow the hard-thumping rhythm but I just spun at moderate heart rate of between 60% and 80%. I kept focusing on keeping my knees facing forward, in the attempt NOT to deviate the angle of the knee while peddling.

Knees didn't hurt at the end of class, so I guess I managed to achieve burning calories while not aggravating the knee injury.

Slight pain returned after I took out the knee wrap at night.

Today, I still find it difficult to cross my left leg over my right - even with the knee wrap.

I really hope I can heal fast so I can get on with training for the Bintan Tri come 27 May.

Gonna head on home now for a swim.

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