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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Growing older with Singapore, politically

You know you're getting older with your birth country when you realise that your own comrades are getting into politics and are in the running to be potential leaders of the nation.

Growing up, we saw Uncle Lee's army of die-hard 'revolutionists' working so hard to establish Singapore's position in the global arena of economics, politics and military might. Now the scene has changed (naturally) to include the post-1965 generation to continue in the torch run in maintaining Singapore's integrity and position.

In the upcoming elections, the political parties are slowly introducing new faces to the people.

And I'm already familiar with at least 3 blokes - all of them who are buddies and we all sort of grew up some way or another (although I don't think all of them knew each other prior to the GE). One of them is even in Opposition! I mean, WHAT IS THE LIKELIHOOD OF HAVING A BUDDY IN OPPOSITION?!?!

It'll be so interesting to see my own friends campaigning and hopefully holding on to the leadership reins for the country.

Good luck to TSL, BS and CDS! You know my vote doesn't really matter since my GRC is a perennial walkover, right?

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